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Fire Warden

Fire Warden/ Fire Extinguisher Training (1/2 day course)

Ensure Safety and Training Regent House, Beam Heath Way, Nantwich, Cheshire, United Kingdom

Duration: ½ day Candidates will receive a Fire Warden handbook and certification via Ensure Safety & Training Ltd, valid for 3 years Suitable for nominated fire wardens, marshals and emergency controllers. The sole piece of legislation for fire safety issues, The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 came into force in October 2006. Under the Reform Order, the “responsible person” for the premises must carry out a Fire Risk Assessment and nominate a sufficient number of competent persons (Fire Wardens/ Marshalls) to assist in the implementation of the emergency procedures identified in the fire risk assessment. Therefore, businesses and schools should appoint an Emergency Controller; someone who has attended a Fire Warden/ Marshal course and who has responsibility for all aspects of fire safety. For example, there should be a Fire Wardens/ Marshalls who is responsible for specific areas of the premises e.g. the kitchen area, staff area, office, assembly point. Additionally, all school staff should receive Fire Safety awareness training to enable them to assist with the safe evacuation of pupils in an emergency, e.g. one member of staff per classroom. Topics covered: fire triangle, role of a fire warden, hazards of the workplace, raising the alarm, evacuation, designated […]

Highfield Qualifications Nuco Training Approved Mental Health First Aider BNI Member Institution of Occupational Safety and Health